Helpful Hints


  • Never attempt to remove stains for silk garments by using water, soap or rubbing the stain. Silk fibres are delicate and are easily damaged
  • Do not store items away soiled. These stains can oxidise, become age stains over time and maybe non-removable
  • Keep all silks stored in a dry and cool place, fabric exposed to prolonged sunlight will become brittle and lose colour


Stains and Invisible Staining

  • Invisible stains start of as spillage, such as lemonade and champagne. The warmth of a closet and exposure to natural and/or artificial light will contribute to setting a stain.
  • Have the garment cleaned immediately and inform your dry cleaner of the spillage and its location
  • Do not attempt home stain removal with water or a cleaning fluid
  • Do not iron stained garments, this will set stains due to the heat and drive the soil deep within the fabric

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